Business Deposits

Small Business Accounts

Monthly Maintenance Fee                               $3.00

Per Check Written Charge                              $0.05

Credit for Average Available Balance             $0.10 per $100.00

Charge-Backs                                                 $2.00


Large Business Accounts
Deposit more than 100 checks per month

Monthly Maintenance Fee                              $5.00

Per Check Written Charge                             $0.10

Per Check Deposited Charge                        $0.06

Charge-Backs                                                $2.00

Credits                                                            N/C

Credit for Average Available Balance            NOW/Classic Rate


Stop Payments - Check/ACH                        $30.00


Domestic Wire Transfers                 

    • Incoming                                                 $10.00

    • Outgoing                                                 $25.00

    • Non-customer outgoing wires                 $50.00


International Wire Transfers                          $50.00


ACH Origination

ACH for Direct Deposit:  Conduct Payroll through Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.  This allows you to electronically deposit funds into employees checking and/or savings accounts.  Direct Deposit eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen or altered checks.

ACH for Direct Debit Payments:  Conduct Billing through ACH.  Debit your customers accounts for rent, membership fees, donations, utilities, premiums or other services.  Collection of funds is timely and automated, never lost in the mail. 

Monthly fees apply.

Visa® Debit Card – for Business Accounts
Use your Visa® Debit Card to make purchases. Payment is automatically deducted from your business checking account. Or use your Visa® Debit Card to make withdrawals from Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) worldwide.

Lost Cards– For lost or stolen Visa® Debit Cards/Cash Cards call 1-877-CAN-CEL1 (1-877-226-2351).


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